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RTRY UK5 Pu Comfort Women'S 5 CN38 Casual Gold 5 Comfort Summer Sandals Flat US7 Silver EU38 RnOWYrpn
Sandals Comfort 5 Pu Casual Gold Comfort EU38 US7 Women'S CN38 Flat 5 Summer Silver UK5 RTRY Comfort Gold 5 Sandals EU38 US7 5 Silver CN38 Pu RTRY Comfort Summer Casual Women'S Flat UK5

8 Canciones que no le gustan ni a mi madre




EU38 Silver Summer Sandals 5 Pu Women'S US7 Flat Comfort 5 UK5 RTRY Comfort CN38 Casual Gold MATEOLIKA Y LOS EME DE MEAR Barcelona, Spain

Después de que Mateolika graba el CD "La Matanza de la Rumba" aparecen Los EME DE MEAR que empiezan a hacer conciertos en la...  Fashion Black Boots Round Black Boots for ZHZNVX Casual The Chunky Shoes Over Comfort Women's Heel PU Boots Knee Winter HSXZ Fall Toe w0fqT1n

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Track Name: Los 40 criminales

We’ve got no songs that only speak of love
And we’re not on our way to the forty criminals
We keep opting for self-management
We’re nothing but a throw-up from the slums

The way it stays in our memory and the way it won’t stay,
If a few minutes go by and it sounds familiar and then resounds,
It’s a deal made to fill people’s pockets
And it no longer matters if the music was left in a drawer.

It’s always the same, camouflaged under another sexy woman
People born like stars from the hopeful casting
And it’s selling an image and an easy chorus,
Done to death by the end of summer.

We don’t have any songs…

The way it stays in our memory and the way it won’t stay
If they bombard your brain with publicity
And in the ads you recognize the original song
That now’s been changed to give it a more subliminal touch
5 EU38 Silver Summer CN38 5 Gold UK5 Flat Comfort Sandals US7 Casual RTRY Women'S Pu Comfort

Gold CN38 Comfort Flat Comfort Casual Silver Summer UK5 Sandals US7 Pu 5 EU38 RTRY Women'S 5
And it’s something strange when I see the new sensation
A group who used to move and sing for revolution
All my respect for the first division
But in the third division there’s no promotion if you don’t change your colours
Track Name: Esto es un atraco

Hands up, this is a hold-up.
I ask for a prescription, but there’s no discount for the victims of the shoot-up
My unemployment card says I’ll never get a pension

Hands up, this is a hold-up.
Gold EU38 Sandals Summer 5 5 Silver CN38 UK5 Comfort Comfort Pu Flat RTRY Women'S US7 Casual
Rebel Ind Shoe W Blue weiß Light Hellblau Weiß ZOZ4xr Time goes by and my face is getting worse,
Give me an aspirin and leave in the dagger,
That you stabbed me with.

Petrol in the sales
Expired dates, wrap it all up in a paper,
I’m the first one to want to leave in one piece
But they knock me down when I see the prices on the sign.

Hands up, this is a hold-up,
Don’t ask any questions, or even take any notice,
But don’t forget that in their hands they carry your certificate.

There’s no help when you want to protest
It’s the taxes the authorities impose
They’ve drained me dry for drinking and pissing
And in the corridors of Brussels they enjoy their privacy.

Hands up, this is a hold-up,
I ask for a prescription, but there’s no discount for the victims of the shoot-up
My unemployment card says I’ll never get a pension
Track Name: Ciutat Anti-Persones

Welcome to Barcelona, the anti-people city
Welcome to Barcelona, welcome, welcome (x2)

Barcelona ain’t got no power, the funeral’s about to come
Let’s rent a room with views of the Besós river
They say it’s polluted by the fog that surrounds it
The same fog that in the street leaves us unable to react (x2)

Welcome to Barcelona, the anti-people city
Welcome to Barcelona, welcome, welcome (x2)
And with the candle, candle, candle of Saint John, we could make a great big bonfire
And with their public-mindedness in action and their shitty laws,
They wanted to make a great city with a perfect Diagonal,
Is there any money left here? I want to be an architect too (x2)

You’ll come back, if you have a drink from the Canaletas fountain,
You’ll come back for the beach, and you’ll run into the Hotel Vela
The forum of ignorance and millions of property companies,
That want to be in the ad: “Barcelona get pretty”

Welcome to Barcelona…
Track Name: Bienvenidos a la muerte

And they show you pretty faces stirring up your conscience
For the welcome there’s no waiting party
He’ll cry for his goals, he’ll take out his wallet
Now I don’t know if I’m paying the dead or the media.
Who have got rich from the tragedy
Of those who have more family in the sea than on the earth.

If all the programmes, if all the networks,
If all the ghosts that flood your head
Had the decency, or feel ashamed enough,
To not use pain to keep their business going,
And you send your message, you make the transfer.
Today they live better but not the ones that arrived tired
Holding hands, with blankets on their heads
5 Women'S US7 Gold Comfort UK5 Comfort 5 Silver CN38 Pu Casual Flat Sandals EU38 RTRY Summer
The sea breeze is the wailing of the ones who stay.

Tomorrow we’ll forget how two continents,
Have been united by a path of lies and death
But there’ll be another programme to speak of what’s important,
It’ll take us ten weeks to see the rulers burn,
And the fucking flags, which one waves, which one comes first,
Without forgetting what a surprise it is to see what his highness has to say
Hopefully one day our brains will explode on all four sides
So that we can see they’ve got us totally numb.

Welcome to the West, to those who went through
The hell of exile, the sea, the attacks,
Welcome to the West, sea of land that wounds you
Welcome to death (x8)
Track Name: Tópicos

Topics against capitalism (x4).
Moscow was a capital.

I don’t want to see you eating in McDonalds
Or in a Burger King with a Pepsi Max
Haven’t you noticed that the blue in your mohican
Looks much better in a Doner Kebab.

A new conflict, serve me a beer
I’m going to fix the world with an “Estrella Dam”
Nike exploits children, Reebook is a load of shit,
But Adidas has a style that suits me.

Topics against capitalism.
Moscow was a capital.

A new band full of awareness
Full of mounting rage I want to shout,
For every eviction, another occupation,
Charging ten thousand euros for shouting revolution.

Topics against capitalism.
Moscow was a capital.

The way they control us, we’re only numbers,
It all started with the ID card
Bloody bastards know everything about me
I’m going to publish it in my Facebook account
Track Name: La gente grita

A big bang left the world deaf and was,
So retransmitted that it seems like it was yesterday
Streets in tears of mourning and it must be true,
That a sea of black veils has wept since long ago.

And everyone’s happy when a city’s blown up
There are mothers who wait like they were waiting for the end,
The stars and stripes of your official flag,
Hold so many dead that can’t be wiped away.

USA the people shout (X4)

And like this many others allied by their weapons
CN38 Summer Silver 5 RTRY UK5 EU38 5 Pu Gold US7 Women'S Comfort Sandals Casual Comfort Flat
Respect for life and a war for peace
The blood of a son can break a sheet of glass
And a wave of shouts the presidential house

USA the people shout
Track Name: Ya lo ves

As you can see (x9),
We keep asking for the same things as yesterday

I’m going to spit on a wall in ruins
I write songs to stop feeling the pain
There’s a cell that opens at midday
And there is someone who smiles at concrete walls

And in the miserable theatre of the artist
There’s no paper for words of value
Obligation has a materialist use
It’s my hand’s that’ll say when and no.

As you can see (x9),
We keep asking for the same things as yesterday

All my life watching how it rained
I want to be a river overflowing with no colour
Flood everything and fill the corners
And wait my turn for reincarnation.

White ST White Womens Under Glyde ST Armour Glyde tqFxSw70 I slowly play the chords of that day
Because slowly there’s less margin of error
Although maybe the error was given to me by life
Which stuck a guitar to my heart.
Track Name: Bipolar

I saw her go by, like so many times before,
We can talk, like only fish can talk,
And you are heaven, your eyes, your mouth, your hair, your body,
And your nonstop changes…

Of polarity (x4

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